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Wrong Side of the Bed

Did you ever have one of those days when from the moment your eyes opened and your feet hit the floor you knew it was going to be a rough day? It reinforces how paramount sleep is to our overall health and ability to even feel good.

It seems like a bad night of sleep can set you up for a dark day regardless of how many sunny sides of the street you walk on. So what can you do to combat a terrible horrible no good very bad day? Below are weapons I keep in my "wrong side of the bed" arsenal to combat a bad day.

Set realistic goals for the day - If I know that my energy level is low and I don't feel like my excited self I try not to set the bar high for accomplishments of the day. I try to be kind to myself in this and remember that I am usually very productive and energized and this one day will not label me a sloth.

Set up time for relaxation without the day - instead of being excited/obligated to go that extra mile, book that gym class, cook that amazing meal, or generally go above and beyond what is necessary into the stratosphere of extraordinary that seems to be the goal of women everywhere think about what sounds both nurturing and relaxing. That could be ordering from your favorite Ramen location or cozying up with a hot tea and your favorite comfort movie (Monster's Inc and Ever After are two of my personal favorites).

Personal care - take this as a cue to treat yourself kindly. Take a long bath or shower, do a face mask, or get your nails done. Indulge in a little extra self-care. When you aren't feeling your best and brightest treat yourself like you would a close friend. Care for yourself and create opportunities to soothe your body and soul.

Nature Heals - Andrew Huberman has gotten a whole new generation of people to start their day off with 10-15 minutes of sunshine. Why? Because sunlight and being surrounded by nature do have healing effects on the body and mind. When I am feeling low simply taking my dogs out for a few minutes of sunshine can fill me up like Superman getting my power from the sun.

Make good sleep a priority. After a bad night of sleep, you want to do everything within your power to create the alchemy for a good night's sleep less you head into the dreaded 2 nights of bad sleep hell. Take time to set yourself up for a good night's sleep. Spray some lavender oil or start a diffuser to alert your mind that it is time to relax. Ensure that you aren't glued to your devices for at least 30 minutes before you turn off the lights. Put on your favorite pajamas. Make a cup of peppermint tea with honey. Do everything you can think of that would create the perfect night's sleep. The things that if life didn't get in the way we would do every night.

A bad night of rest can feel like an added weight on an already impossible schedule. Use this as a cue to do a mini-reset. Those nights can't always be avoided but we react with kindness to ourselves and ensure that we get back to our regularly scheduled programming ASAP. Sleep tight.

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