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Treat Yourself : 5 Steps to Spa

Europeans love self care. Have a look at the perfect recipe to a night of luxurious self care. From the perfect soap to what to listen to in the tub.

Bath time is a scared time in Europe. Mineral Baths are extremely popular and unlike many of the spas in the United States completely affordable. A day pass can set you back only 15-40 euros. Learn how to recreate this tradition for yourself.

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One of my first stops upon touching down in Europe is the mineral bath. My absolute favorite is in Stuttgart, Germany. The SchwabenQuellen is textile free...yep you get a robe to walk around in and that is all. It is full of large pools to swim in, saunas, steam rooms (including my favorite rose water steam room), hot tubs, and of course you can indulge in massages, nail care, and skin care. If you are ever in the area I highly recommend you stop by and experience the magic. Some of my American friends have been tentative about being naked in front of other people at first. But it is normal there, no one is starring at you. They soon got over the fear and loved every moment of the spa.

View from the top floor of the SchwabenQuellen

The Ingredients for a Perfect Home Spa

If you don't live near an affordable Spa you can absolutely recreate the experience at home.

1) Good Quality Candles- as much fun as it is to think about a birthday cake candle these chemical stimulates usually are too overwhelming and perfumed. Stick to more natural scents that are appealing without being over powering. My Favorite: Voluspa prosecco rose. They have a fragrant and decadent scent that make me feel so luxurious without leaving my own home.

2) Bath salts- I love adding these amazing salts to my bath. They help get out the strain of the work week and workouts. You can either purchase bath salts with a lavender scent or buy unscented and add your own oils. I tend to stick to the latter as I like to control the type of oil and the amount of fragrance. If you have amazing candles burning you may not want competing scents. They tend to not come with such a large price tag too. My favorite bath (and table) salt company is San Francisco Salt Company.

3) A Good Read- I like to have some sort of non-screen related simulation. Plus I am scared of dropping devices in the would happen to me. My favorite things to put in harms way are the latest issues of my favorite magazine (Vogue, French Vogue, Elle Decor, Architectural Digest, Women's Health). I also love going to my local book shop and picking the brain of the shopkeeper about what books I should read based on my preferences. Give it a try!

4) A Great Playlist- If you are reading you want something that you can listen too without being sucked into the words of the song over the words on the page. If you are a Jazz fan I highly recommend Diana Krall, Nora Jones, Jack Johnson, or Billie Holiday stations. If you are a Kenny G fan. Go for it. Cliché for a reason right? If you have a connected smart device such as an Alexa or Google home ask it for a suggestion. Sometimes I like to not put on any "music" and instead put on nature sounds or rainstorms. Now living in California I miss the sound of a roaring thunderstorm.

5) Body Oil- The spa does not end when you pull the drain. An essential step that is so often skipped is moisturizing post bath/shower. After a long steamy bath I like to use a body oil (and my dog Belle loves to try and lick it off my legs). My favorite is rose body oil from The Body Deli. It is made from all natural ingredients so you won't break out and the scent is just enough but not too much.

Bubble Up and enjoy :)

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