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The Travel Murtaugh List

As I enter this new decade of life I am forced to look at some of my old and new habits with a scrutinise eye. Of course, every woman has the question “Am I going to turn into my mother?” swarming around their head. I have a few yes’s I can tick in that category. It is always an interesting project to reflect upon. One of the television shows Charles and I watch repeatedly is How I Met Your Mother. In one episode the main characters have a similar epiphany. They lovingly refer to it as the “Murtaugh List”. Paying homage to the infamous character of Roger Murtaugh, played by Danny Glover, in Lethal Weapon. Murtaugh on more than one occasion utters the now notorious phrase “I’m too old for this shit”. Everyone save one character (Barney Stinson) creates a physical list of things they are too old for now. Barney, played by Neil Patrick Harris, then spends the rest of the episode trying to complete everything on the list. Finally realizing that he is indeed “too old for that shit”.

"I'm too old for that shit"- Roger Murtaugh

I thought I would put together a type of Murtaugh List for one topic: travel. With wonderful things I now do in my 30s and a few things I will miss doing from my 20s.

When I was in my 20s I would do whatever it took to make my travel plans the cheapest they possibly could be. Fly in at 2am…sure. Take 3 trains and bus while lugging around huge bags…no problem. Staying in hostels that literally provide a sleeping bag on a floor for $15 a night…hell yes. This has absolutely changed. Below is my travel Murtaugh List chronicling the changes from 20s to 30s.

1) Flights: In my 30s I now look for the simplest, fastest, and most convenient flight even if it costs a bit more (I stick to the rule of Jimmy Choo- as in if it less than a pair of Jimmy Choo’s in price difference I go with it). In my 20s I spent hours in airports waiting for the next flight. Slept in them instead of getting hotels. Or went out all night in the city arriving back at the airport in time for my morning flight (most of the time). Although I had some great nights I believe that chapter in my life is closed.

2) Accommodations: In my late teens and 20s I would do whatever I could for a free night’s sleep. Crashing on couches, sharing a twin bed in a hostel, whatever it took not to incur an expense. This is a recent change for me. After a semi-awkward experience recently staying with a dear friend while on holiday I learned that I can no longer crash on a couch, futon, for more than a night. Friends have their routines, jobs, and relationships that are in constant flow. It took a few times of being an awkward house guest to realize that I am just too old for this scenario. Thanks to AirBnB, which did not exist in my early 20s, this is more doable than ever. No more hostels or friend’s couches. I am old and set in my ways now. I like my morning routine, my space, and the feeling that I am not encroaching on anyone else’s.

3) Food: In my 20s I was usually not able to afford traveling places for the cuisine. Food has always been important part of experiencing culture but I was more of a street food girl. Sometimes a great thing…sometimes not so much. As I enter my 30s I get excited about trying some food destinations as well as the fun street food culture.

4) Transportation: Oh the rise of Uber. What I would have given to have you in Europe in my late teens/early 20s. Before the age of 25 you couldn’t really rent a car anywhere. Taxis were extremely expensive. Walking/public transportation were the only affordable options. As someone who has personally lugged their suitcase through the cobbled streets of Rome at 2am up hills and flights of stairs to their hostel I can safely say I am glad that part of my life is over. Apps now make it so easy to split fares, have multiple destinations, and frankly feel safer in a new city.

5) Departure: In my 20s I wanted my feet to be on the ground in my destination as long as possible. Even if that meant returning at 6am and going to class/work at 8am. Now I want a day to come back into my routine at home. Unpack, sleep in my bed, and make sure I have supplies for French Press…the important things.

My mother has had a rule for years “If you can solve a problem for $20 just do it”. Taking a cab over 3 buses, upgrades that make a difference, etc. I believe this amount has increased to $50 as my mother matures as well. I think I am there with her. It is one of the perks of growing up. I may not be able to go out all night, have a 3-hour power nap on the plane and be functional at work the next day, but damn it I can now afford an uber and a good meal.

Although I haven’t lost my desire to travel everywhere, I have spent years making my home a beautiful space filled with things I love (including my husband and dog). Traveling is always an amazing adventure. A love that is not going away anytime soon. But harsh travel that involves Ryan air flights from the middle of nowhere just because I can save $200 on a plan ticket…say it with me:

“I’m too old for that shit”

Happy Travels

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