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How to feel like a lady without any in waiting

It almost seems hardwired into the female DNA to worry about everything all the time. If we aren’t juggling at least a dozen things simultaneously we feel sloth. I absolutely hold myself to completely unrealistic standard of beauty, fitness, and job performance.

I want to look like a movie star, be as trendy as a model, as natural and holistic as a Yogi, the best wife, the best dog mom, all while kicking ass at my job. Oh and of course while looking like I am not trying at all and this is all just effortlessly. Sound familiar? It is so heart-breakingly true that this idea of “the best” is constantly at the forefront of my mind. I know so many mothers that constantly feel like they are not doing “enough” whatever that means. As much as we have moved away from the 1950s version of a woman in heels and pearls vacuuming the house and cooking dinner I still want to look great and be a gourmet chef. Which does beg the question…how far have we really come?

I know I want to slap myself out of feeling this way. I can easily look at a friend as tell her to give herself a break. Why can’t I give myself the same advice? So where do we go from here? How can I function in my day to day with this high standard of self? We all want to feel like sophisticated women but who has the time it takes to cultivate that on a daily basis? We do. You don’t need a team of ladies in waiting (#glamsquad) a-la-real housewives to get your lady card. For me I know that if my hair, skin, teeth, and wardrobe are put together I feel like I can take on the day. Below are my go-tos for feeling feminine in a flash without breaking the bank or the alarm clock.

Hair: absolutely nothing can change the way you feel about your image quite like a good hair day. When it is bouncing and behaving you are simply waiting for the residual check from Pantene to arrive. These glorious days are elusive and we must find ways to capture that feeling daily. I completely understand the internal battle upon waking of “do I spend the time washing my hair or don’t I”. We all know how much time and effort it takes. Let’s face it life doesn’t always allot for an extra 45 minutes to get your locks to love you. So what do we do? I have 3 hair secrets for the days that a wash and blow dry just aren’t in the cards.

1) A good dry shampoo: this is every girl’s best friend. I love Detox by Drybar in lush scent. Spray it on and brush out. The scent is luxurious and makes me feel instantly clean. I like to flip my head upside down, spray, and then flip brush repeat if needed.

2) Aveda’s Damage Control: I absolutely love this product. It is inexpensive and works wonders. I use it to revitalize my hair. Spray it liberally to “wet” your hair a bit and the hit it with the blow-dryer. It smooths and brightens without making your hair heavy or oily. #productobsession

3) Updos: If you have read the #fabinfive article have a look for more details. But a quick updo or sleek pony tail can leave you looking fabulous in 1 minute or less.

Wardrobe: the French are famous for that effortless chic. You only need to know how to combine a few basics to struct out looking put together even if you are anything but. Have a look at my go tos for those days I need to get out fast when life gets in the way of trying on my entire wardrobe.

1) A Blazer: Literally NOTHING in life can put together an outfit like a great blazer. Invest in two or three that are perfectly cut in neutral colors (black, tan, white, beige, navy) and maybe a bright own for fun (I love a good red blazer). A blazer has the magical ability to transform a look from shabby to chic. Jean and a t-shit day? Throw on a blazer and you look like you planned the whole thing for days.

2) A good pair of jeans: Little did Levi Strauss know that by addressing this workman’s need in May of 1873 that he would inspire the next 100+ years of fashion for both men and women. A good pair of jeans can go from work to play effortlessly. I have 3 pair in my closet that I wear 3 to 4 times a week. Currently Madewell brand are my favorite. Pair with flats, a good tee, and a blazer and Voila!

3) A silk scarf: If you all read my article about finding your #signaturepiece then you know my love of scarves runs deep. A silk scarf can add color to an ensemble without having to make a hard decision like which necklace goes better. There is also something decadent about the feeling of silk on you neck that makes you feel like a lady.

Skin: the largest organ in our body should warrant the most love and attention. But on days when we need to go go go I have one tip I live by “Keep it classy” and by that I mean clean face and strong lip.

1) I like to use a BB cream to even my tone. I apply with a silicon “sponge”. Chanel’s CC cream goes on perfectly to even my tone while looking natural and providing perfect coverage. I think Madame Chanel would be very pleased with the product.

2) If you haven’t gotten on the lash extension bandwagon like myself a few strokes of mascara (Hypnôse by Lancôme was a favorite) will give your eyes the look to togetherness without having to deal with shadow blending concerns.

3) A statement lip: this is the glue that holds it all together. A beautiful red lip makes you look like you are completely together. If your lips can be that perfect then you must be too. A friend recently introduced me to Lipscense which is a long wear line. I like it but still love my Russian Red by Mac for a quick and flawless look.

Finally perfume. The best and last step. That burst of luxury ensnares the senses. Your emotional connection to scent is strong. So this is not the step to skip. Spend time finding the scents that works with your personality. Perfumes smell differently on different people. You can’t smell too many at once or wear more than one in a day. Go to your favorite department store and smell a few. Ask for samples. They will give you a day or twos worth. See how you feel wearing it for a day. It is an investment of a life time. Remember to 1) Spray 2) Stay 3) Walk away! Never rub harshly. The notes must mix with the air and naturally fall on you to have the best and most lasting effect.

Being a woman is a lot of work. We all know that feeling confident is the best accessory we can wear. Hopefully these tips and tricks will give you the skills you need to strut your stuff in style and confidence.

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