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Anxiety Free Hosting

Being the perfect host. It is a measuring stick that most women hold themselves against several times a year. Whether it is a birthday party, holiday celebration, or simply having friends over for dinner planning and executing these events can bring a heavy dose of anxiety.

Don't over plan - let the evening and conversation tide you through the flow of the evening. It can be fun to have a few easy participation "games" ready if needed (list below) but over-planned events can bring undue pressure on you to time everything to perfection and be too rigid for the evening to flow with ease. If needed use some "games" that don't require much if any preparation and can be played easily and abandoned just as easily.

  • "The Book Game" can be played with 2 or more people. This can be played with any book on your shelf. This can be played in teams or with individuals. Player 1 has Player 2 ask a question (as if they are asking a fortune teller), and then directs Player 2 to choose from the front or back of the book. Player 1 then goes to the designated side and begins to turn the pages until Player 2 says "Stop". Player 2 then chooses which page to read (right or left) and which line (most books have 30 lines/page). The chosen line is read out loud by Player 1. This line is supposed to hold the answer to the question posed by Player 2.

  • "The Novel Game" can be played with 4 or more people. Player 1 reads the first line of the novel. The other players write what they believe to be the last line. Then Player 1 reads all of the made up answers as well as the real ending line and the other players vote on which one they believe to be the real one. The Player with the most points at the end wins the game.

Making the meal support conversation. As much fun as it is to show your culinary skills for your enjoyment set yourself up for success when choosing the meal for your event. What works best? If you are hosting more than 6 people choose something like a charcuterie board or grazing table. This will enable guests to move around and you won't have to try and serve too many people at once.

Choose food that you can prepare ahead of time and either have warmed and ready to serve or that can be out and ready.

Dinner Party (6 or Less)

Brunch Party (6 or Less)

(serve with fresh salad and fruit)

Personalize the space simply and to reflect your taste. Decorations can become kitschy or overwhelming very quickly. Use simple decor that reflects your personality to color the evening. I like to guild shells I find at the beach, use napkin shapes to add flare and theme, candles to set the mood, flowers to bring some color, and simple plates and flatware that can easily go in the dishwasher for cleanup!

Be able to let something go. Inevitably I plan for all the things I want to do and something is left in the fridge or on the chopping block. Be able to let something go so you don't get overwhelmed. I promise no guest has ever shamed me for omitting something and I enjoyed the party much more myself as a result of letting it go.

Clean the day before. We all like to pretend that we live in perfectly clean houses 365 - but dogs, kids, husbands, life happens and we don't. Do the bulk of the cleaning the day before so you aren't a sweaty mess while you are trying to cook and clean and look perfect. Trust won't.

Remember that the purpose of this is enjoyment. Try to think of the most pleasurable way you be a host. It is your party and you can cry if you want to...but try to prevent that if you can!

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