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A Luxurious Life

A life of luxury seems like something reserved for an entitled few. The upper-class elite 1% of the 1% that leave the rest of us woefully unfulfilled. Maybe I have put on one too many shades of rose color glasses but with a few small changes to my mindset and routine I have curated my own luxurious life that feels rich in it's simplicity and joy.

1) Gratitude and Enjoyment: It occurred to me that living one block from the ocean and walking my dogs every day around the scenic ocean views of my neighborhood in San Diego was pretty damn luxurious. Yes, I rent, not own, and yes I don't know if I will be able to afford a home in this area in the near future. But does that take away from its richness of beauty and serenity? Take stock of what is around you. The sweet smell of spring in the air or the crispness of fall. These are universal luxuries that no matter our geography we are able to enjoy. Whether you are hearing the crickets sing in the south, the rustle of the thick forest of the north, or the waves hit the shore in the west. Find these natural luxuries to revel in daily.

2) Transform everyday tasks into luxurious experiences. The Groundhog Day effect of our everyday tasks can add to the dullness of our days. Find ways to transform these simple daily tasks into an opportunity to luxuriate. Once in a high-end spa I experienced the luxury of steam showers and eucalyptus oil. It felt so decadent and refreshing. There is no reason you can't turn your everyday shower into the same experience. I purchased a small spray bottle of pure eucalyptus oil and sprayed it in my steam shower every day. I breathe in the refreshing scent and feel that sense of luxury wash over me in the warm water. Whether it is a beautiful cup to enjoy your afternoon tea, a cashmere blanket to curl up in with a good book, or a small bottle of eucalyptus oil to spray in your steamy shower - find ways to turn these everyday tasks into an opportunity for luxurious experiences.

3) The luxury of time - No amount of money ever bought a second of time. The idea of a rich life is one in which we are able to enjoy the most time in. It can be difficult with all of life's obligations knocking on your door the moment the alarm goes off in the morning to luxuriate in the richness of time. The luxury of a slow Sunday morning, a long lunch, or a long walk can seem like a far reach in our busy lives. But it does pose the question - why the heck are we working so hard if we can't enjoy these moments? Craft time into your week to enjoy the luxury of time.

4) Less is more - perhaps this is my European upbringing or simply the wisdom of age but fewer things of better quality create the space for luxury. Invest in pieces that truly bring you joy. That you are excited to put on, relax in, or consume in your everyday life. You are investing in the components of your life that truly have a measurable impact on your everyday. A good sweater, comfortable shoes, high-quality coffee beans, and good butter are just some examples of the quality over quantity that I choose.

5) Good food and good company - We all know that money doesn't buy happiness. That someone can be rich in friends and family. The true joy in life comes from nourishing our bodies with good food and good conversation. Feel and luxuriate in the richness of the relationships you have created and celebrate that by spending time enjoying the fruits of those that bring us joy.

The luxurious parts of life are juxtaposed with their humble roots. It is our mindset, our relationships, and our choices that denote the richness of our lives. All it may take is a small shift in focus to really live a luxurious life.

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