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Simple Pleasures

Updated: May 31, 2018

Always connected, planning time to make a plan, the feeling that is you are not constantly doing 3 or more things you are wasting time. Sound familiar? I am the Queen of taking on too much and feeling like I am going to be able to do more than the next person.

I have personally stressed out about things like “getting to yoga on time.” It is a very female trait to want to be everything to everyone. If you think it is humanly or super humanly possible to do something you say “yes” sometimes without even thinking. We all want to be productive, on top of our game, super mom, Wonder Woman, etc.

It is all too easy in this world of constantly connectivity to not appreciate simple pleasures. Simple pleasures are the daily actions, items, and rituals that have nothing to do with our phones and make us stop our juggling act long enough to have a #momentofwellness

I remember watching Amelie and watching her dig her hand into a basket of dry beans because she liked the way her hand felt in while diving into the bag. It is the small things like the smell of coffee or the feel silk against your skin that make the days a pleasure. Below is my list of simple pleasures that help me spend the day smiling instead of stressing:

Rose scented candles: If you all read my previous post Treat Yourself have a look at how I use these to create an amazing bath time ritual. I also use them daily as a type of aromatherapy. Their luxurious scent encourages me to stop and breathe deeply throughout the day. There is something about working with candle light, even during the day, that makes it more enjoyable.

Dark Chocolate: If you haven’t sought out a truly amazing chocolatier in your area: DO IT. I can tell you that not all chocolate is created equally. I remember reading that Audrey Hepburn had a piece of dark chocolate every day in the afternoon with her tea. So shall I! But if I am going to indulge it must be worth it. Finding a truly passionate chocolatier will change your relationship with this soul food. Think Juliette Binoche in Chocolat. Why buy whatever crap is packaged at the checkout counter when you could experience something truly special? Yesterday I bought Rose champagne ganache chocolates…enough said.

High quality bedding: Nothing is more luxurious the sliding into a truly glorious bed. I love the feeling of the soft cotton against my legs, the feel of an amazing pillow that cradles my head just right, a light but warm duvet that wraps me up like a cloud. There are a lot of things I will skimp on but bedding is not one of them. Spend a day shopping by touch. Find the right combination and color that makes you want to hop into bed to sleep or play 😊

Face Masks: So many brands and so many recipes. I do a little of both. At least once a week I take a moment to put on a face mask, usually accompanied by a Billie Holiday station and French Vogue. Most stay on for 10-15 minutes. I rinse it off and then spray my face with tea tree oil on my face and rose water on my décolleté. Your body and mind will thank you.

Infused Water: If like me you drink water, coffee, tea, and wine pretty much exclusively then you will have to find a way to diversify your water. Simply cutting up a few slices of lemon, lime, cucumber or throwing some fresh herbs into a pitch of filtered water completely transforms your drinking experience. It jazzes it up for both your eyes and your taste buds.

Fresh Flowers: I now have a flower budget every week to partake in this love. I go to Trader Joe’s and buy $10-$15 dollars’ worth of flowers and greens (the greens last for over a week!). I go home and make flower arrangements for my office, living room, and bedroom. I love the look and feel for fresh flowers and the variety that comes with the season’s colors. It makes me smile every time I walk into the room. As flowers tend to do.

Dinner Time: When I sit down for dinner (at the table bien sur) I light candles and put on jazz station. This actually makes me feel like I am partaking in something special. It is time to sit and eat and talk to my husband. A #frenchbistro setting every night? Why not?

It seems sometimes as if we are all moving through life as fast as we can. These simple pleasures help me stop and appreciate the moments of my day to day deeper and with a smile. Give these a try or tell me what your #simplepleasures are!

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