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Fresh Ginger or Mint Tea

There are few things in life as healing as a hot cup of tea. If you want to try something truly amazing take your tea game to the next level by brewing your very own herbs and spices to make a fresh tea that will heal your mind and body.

Fresh Ginger Tea



Ginger root

Optional: lemon/honey

It all starts with the root. If you have never bought fresh ginger root before you are in for a treat. It is carried in most grocery stores in the produce section. Cut off a knob of the ginger and peel it with a carrot peeler. Cut it up into small pieces (you want it fairly thin).

On a pot on the stove boil the desired amount of water (8-10 oz per knob per cup)

Drop the ginger into the water that is boiling and then turn the stove off and over the pot. Let sit for 10-15 minutes.

Strain mixture into cup(s)

Stir in any optional additions (lemon/honey or whiskey for an adult beverage)

Enjoy. It is really that simple.

Fresh Mint Tea


Mint sprig or leaves


Optional: Honey/lemon

In a pot on the stove boil the desired amount of water. Once at a rolling boil add fresh mint leaves or entire sprig. Let steep for 10-15 minutes or until water turns yellow/brown. Strain and serve with any desired additions.

Get to sipping!

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