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(Almost) Flourless Chocolate Cake

A French Classic that is a show stopper and easier as chocolate cake :)

Americans have a way of demonizing dessert. No such thought exist in France. This recipe takes less than 30 minutes hands on and can be ready in about an hour. You and anyone else lucky enough to be invited over will love this simple and incredibly rich and decadent (Almost) Flourless French Chocolate Cake. #frenchchocolatecake #chocolateobession #chocolatelovers #noguilt


7-8 oz of dark baking chocolate (highest quality you can get make sure it is at least 70%)

3/4 Cup Sugar

5 Eggs

14 TB Butter ( I use unsalted and then add my own salt but pre-salted is fine)

2 TB All-Purpose Flour (You can substitute Almond flour or Coconut Flour for a #glutenfree option)

In a metal bowl over boiling water melt the butter and chocolate together (you can cut or break them into chunks to easier melting). Once melted throughouly add the sugar slowly.

In a separate bowl beat eggs until frothy. Slowly add to chocolate/butter/sugar mixture until completely combined. Whisk in flour or substitute.

Butter a pan (I use a spring pan or a tart pan about 9 inches in diameter)

Pour mixture into pan and bake for 35-45 minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Or until a knife or tooth pick comes out clean.

Let cool for 15 minutes. You can then add your toppings: berries, homemade whipped cream, powered sugar.

Serve and enjoy!

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