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CocoLikeChanel and her Dog Belle in Balboa park.

When I was 9 my family moved to Europe. My next decade would be spent growing up surround by the rituals and customs of western Europe. Rendering me much more a product of my environment than I ever imagined.  I spent over half of my life in Europe. I didn't know what an impact some of those early habits would have and how they would extend into my adult life. From food to fashion to the love of a really good pen. Traditions there come so easily and are adapted as part of the lifestyle with ease. Developed over centuries these rituals are only apparent by their absence for me now.  In this age of social media and constant connection I am still surprised and at both the similarities and differences. I wanted to take the opportunity to share what I have learned from living in both worlds. A love of ingredients, cooking, fabrics, and enrichment of both the soul and mind. 


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Resume and Sample Works

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